Software, scaling & cost of capital.

Most recently, I worked at the Ethereum Foundation with a focus on R&D (grants, ecosystem strategy and economics research). Previously, I worked on storage infrastructure and product engineering at Dropbox. Before that, I helped restructure corporate and soverign debt at Lazard Freres in New York. I studied alternative investments and behavioral economics while getting my economics degree at Harvard.

Here are some of the recent talks that I gave: Beyond Blocks, July 2018.

I like to play racquet sports, cook and enjoy quiet cafes. I’ve lived in 9 cities, and am currently in California.

Currently reading: Delivering Happiness, Atlas Shrugged, Oxygen Advantage. Recently read: Wisdom of Insecurity. Namiya (in Korean). Hackers & Painters. The Courage to be Disliked. Who is Michael Ovitz? (CAA).